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XTreme Babe Ruth

Under the direction of Exeter Junior Baseball and Softball League, the Exeter Babe Ruth League has developed an XTreme Babe Ruth (XTBR) pilot program.

This program is open to any Exeter Babe Ruth League player who qualifies for a regular season roster based on age as of the start of the 2019 season (does not turn 16yo before 5/1/19).   Qualifying towns include all that fall under SAU16, but also includes Newmarket, Epping, and Sanborn (and their catchment area). State Commissioner, Donald Clarke, has also given the towns of Hampton and Seabrook, a special exception waiver so they can be included onto these teams.

This XTreme Babe Ruth League (XTBR) provides players an opportunity for higher level travel baseball throughout the Winter, Spring, Summer, and potentially Fall with participation into local and regional tournaments at a fraction of the expense of AAU/Club programs or other travel teams, as well as at a fraction of the time commitment.



XTBR was founded in Connecticut in 2013 and is currently available only in New England.  It was specifically developed to compete with AAU/Club programs or other â??travelâ?? baseball leagues.

In 2018, New Hampshire had 10 XTBR teams across the state, but that number is expected to at least double to 20 for the 2019 season.

To be eligible to play in this XTBR League, a player MUST register for our regular EBRL season in 2019, AND appear in at least 50% of their teamâ??s regular season games.

Players will NOT be allowed into this league if they are on an AAU/Club/â??travelâ?? team roster for the 2019 season.

XTBR teams can enter into the same tournaments as AAU teams.  Our Exeter XTBR teams will specifically be entered into the Babe Ruth State Tournament in early to mid July, 2019.

We anticipate assembling 3 teams:

XTBR13yo team (of only 13yoâ??s)

XTBR14yo team (of mostly, if not all 14yoâ??s, although 13yoâ??s may be placed onto this team if absolutely necessary)

XTBR15yo team (of mostly, if not all 15yo players, although 14yoâ??s could be placed onto this team if absolutely necessary)



There may be tryouts for the XTBR15 team by the end of November if there is enough interest.

There may be tryouts for the XTRB14 team in early Spring if there is enough interest.

The XTBR13 team is still in the developmental stages, but we are going to begin gauging interest now.


The XTBR15 team is taking a more competitive and proactive approach and will meet 3-4x/month for a 2-hr workout on Sunday nights from 7-9pm between December and April.  We anticipate a 12-14 game regular season schedule, predominantly weekend games (likely double header Sundays), with a very limited number or no games whatsoever during the school baseball season.  XTBR League scheduling occurs in mid March.   Teams are free to schedule as many games as they want, although typically coaches arrange for a minimum of 10, but some have scheduled 30-40 over the course of 4-5 months.

We are looking for players who will make a near 100% commitment to this team, thus we will be able to limit the roster size, providing more playing time to those that make the roster.

The XTBR15 registration fee will be between $500-$550 and include the winter workouts, uniforms, tournament fees, baseballs, and umpire fees, as well as accident & liability insurance coverage.

The XTBR14 registration fee is unknown at this time, but we expect it to be well below the XTBR15 fee since it does not appear as though regular winter workouts will be scheduled.

The XTBR13 registration fee is unknown at this time.

If you are interested in either of these XTBR teams, send your contact information ASAP to Shawn Roussin,

Deadline to submit your interest for the XTBR15 team is Sunday, November 4, 2018.

Include playerâ??s name, DOB, age as of 4/30/19, parent email and phone number.

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