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Call-up Policy

(policy developed and instituted prior to the 2018 season)

  • Any 13/14yo Division player may appear in any 15/16yo Division line-up for any game within the 15/16yo Division, regular season and playoffs, ONLY if that 15/16yo Division team is unable to bat a line-up composed of 12 players for a game.  In other words, a 15/16yo Division team can call-up a player from any 13/14yo Division roster for any game if that 15/16yo team will only have 11 or fewer players in uniform and on the line-up card for that game.
  • A 13/14yo player may NOT play-up in a game for a 15/16yo team if that player has a scheduled game with their 13/14yo team on the same night unless they are at different times (such as may occur on weekends).
  • The 13/14yo player MUST give priority to their 13/14yo team.
  • A 15/16yo team can call-up as many players as needed per game in order to complete an 12-man line-up for that game, but they may NOT exceed 12 players (unless an unexpected player shows up late to a game). Example/ If a 15/16yo team knows that they will only have 8 committed players for an upcoming game, they can call-up any 4 players from any 13/14yo Division team in order to reach the 12-player limit. The call-up players will wear the uniform of their 13/14yo team when playing for their 15/16yo team so opposing teams know they are call-up players.
  • The head coach of the 15/16yo team can call-up any players that they want. 
  • Although it should not need to be stated, players can only play for the town from which they represent.  A 14yo player who is on an Exeter team can NOT be called up and play for a 15/16yo Stratham team, etc.
  • Each town can determine if they will allow these 13/14yo call-up players to pitch when playing in the 15/16yo Division.
  • When a 13/14yo player pitches in a 15/16yo game, they must be governed by the pitch count rules for a 13/14yo player.

  • Exeter teams will allow any 13/14yo call-up player to pitch a maximum of 20 pitches per 15/16yo Division game so as long as they are eligible (meaning on the day of that game they aren't required to be resting because they pitched in the days leading up to this game).  This 13/14yo pitcher MUST be removed after throwing their 20th pitch, no matter what the count is on the batter.  By limiting them to this number of pitches or fewer, they would not require any days rest before they may pitch in a game again. Those pitches, however, must be counted towards that pitcher's weekly limit in the 13/14yo Division.

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