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General Information

Exeter Babe Ruth Baseball

The Exeter Babe Ruth League (EBRL) is run by volunteers from the Exeter Area and the surrounding communities of Kensington, East Kingston, Brentwood, Newfields, Stratham, Sanborn, Newmarket, Hampton, Fremont, Sanborn, Newton, Northwood, and Epping. We provide an opportunity for players ages 13-18 to play competitive baseball.   In 2018 our league will be divided into two divisions:

  1.   13-15 year old players
  2.   16-18 year old players (Senior Babe Ruth)

  • Our regular season for the 13-15 year old division players begins in early May, generally within 1-2 days of our annual Season Kick-Off Event (SKOE).  The Championship games usually occur the final weekend in June (after a week of playoff games), but could go into the first couple of days of July.   We work with the local schools and try to accommodate middle school and high school schedules as much as possible and within reason. For those players with interest, we also try to assemble one All Star (tournament) team in the District IV NH State Tournament for 13-15yo's, but this is dependent on the amount of players interested & willing to extend their seasons deep into the summer, as well as the availability of our volunteer coaches.  There will be a fee per player (TBD) if a team is assembled to cover the cost of uniforms and tournament fees.  The League does NOT pay for travel expenses incurred for any tournaments entered.
  • Senior Babe Ruth (16-18 year old players) usually begins in mid to late June and runs through the very end of July.  That team  (or those teams) is/are entered into the Seacoast Babe Ruth League (a different league than EBRL).
  • EBRL provides liability insurance and individual uniforms (consisting of a jersey and ball cap) to all players who register in the divisions listed above.
  • If our league is set up with a 13/14yo division and 15/16yo division, which it sometimes is, any 16yo player is eligible to register for BOTH a 15/16yo division team within EBRL, as well as our Senior League team that we enter into the nearby Seacoast Babe Ruth League.  That player must individually register for BOTH, but will be provided a $40.00 discount.  NOTE: There is an approximately 3-week overlap in regular season games.  (See our Local Playing Rules / Policies section for more details by reviewing the "Special 16 Dual Registration" policy.  

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