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Q: Why am I not receiving League Emails?

A: Exeter Babe Ruth uses the emails that were provided during registration. We copy and paste them into our contact list and do not alter them from what was provided. If you feel you are not receiving emails and would like to update your contact file, please send an email to the Babe Ruth Director.

Q: When will we start hearing about Babe Ruth Assignments?

A: Babe Ruth doesn't require the same season preparations as EJBSL (Cal Ripken) does as it relates to Evaluations and Drafts. Therefore, Babe Ruth activities that will involve players and parents will begin in mid April. For example: After you have registered your child, EBRL will gather the information up until the closing of the registration process. When it is determined as to how many kids will be joining the league, the amount of teams can be determined. Volunteer coaches will be assigned and the number of players per team decided.  A draft will be conducted and your player's coach will contact them within 2 days, and then begin to communicate their practice schedules and eventually the game schedule. All members of the EBRL will be contacted via email and updates on this website will be made as details become known.

Q: If my child played in EJBSL, do I need to supply a new copy of their Birth Certificate?

A: No

Q: When does the Babe Ruth Baseball Season Start?

A: Dependent on weather and field conditions, Exeter Babe Ruth will begin practices mid to late April. Games would typically start early to mid May. The Babe Ruth Championship games will be held before July 4th. 

Q: How many times a week will there be practices/games?

A: Each division will play a 12-14 game schedule, which will be dependent on the amount of teams in the division.   Answer: 2-3 days per week.

Q: Where are the games played?

A: Home games for Exeter may be held at CMS, Exeter High School JV field, and possibly the Brentwood Rec Center Field on Rt.125. Other towns within the league submit their field availability each season, so this may change yearly, but the website is updated annually to reflect where away games will be played.

Q: If my child plays for the school a team, can they still play Babe Ruth?

A: Yes. No player will be penalized for their participation with the school team. Playing Babe Ruth is optional until the school season is over. We expect players that committed to a school team to honor that commitment. (School ball includes, but not limited to; EHS, CMS).   Since most school games are conducted in the afternoons and Babe Ruth games are in the evening, players routinely play for both without much of an issue.

Q: What does my child need for a uniform?

A: All players will be provided a Uniform shirt, baseball cap, and a limited amount of equipment (ie, helmets, bats, & catchers gear as team equipment). Each player is required to provide Grey Baseball Pants and have their own cleats and socks. Cleats can be metal or plastic at the Babe Ruth Level. ALL PLAYERS must have a Protective Cup. This is a MANDATORY safety rule as well as an insurance requirement.

Q: Are there Bat Requirements?

A: Yes. Information on current Bat Requirements are posted on the main menu as "2018 Bat Rules". Players are responsible for compliance with all bat requirements. Please make sure to review the requirements before buying a bat.

Q: Is there Fundraising Requirements?

A: At this time there are no fundraising requirements.

Q: Can I volunteer as either a head coach or assistant coach?

A: Yes. Without coaches, there is no league.  Without enough coaches to cover the amount of registrants (players), some athletes may need to be turned away as we try to limit team sizes to 14-15 players.  In the main menu, click the "Registration" link. Complete the coach's application online form and all applications will be considered. Once applications have been submitted, the coaches committee will review all applications and make their recommendations for head coaches. Assistant Coaches will also be reviewed by the coach's selection committee, but will be done after teams have been selected. The league will indicate which parent has volunteered to the head coach and provide the necessary contact information should you be selected as an assistant coach. 

Q: Is there an All Star Team/Tournament Team at the end of the season?

A: Depends. Up until 2018, Exeter Babe Ruth League had not assembled a tournament team for several years due to lack of interest and coaching.     For 2019, the league decided that it would start an XTreme Babe Ruth Program, and that these teams would become our competing tournament teams. For more info, go to the main menu, hover over "About Exeter Babe Ruth", then click "XTreme". District Tournaments start soon after the league season is complete and could run through the summer. Tournament dates and locations will be provided as soon as they become available.

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