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Registration Hints

CAL RIPKEN BASEBALL LEAGUE (ages 6 through 12)

  • Our registration is a two-step process. First create a family profile with adults and child(ren). Then, register the child(ren) for a baseball league.
  • All players should register as a "FREE AGENT" for that league
  • 6 THROUGH 8 YEAR-OLDS: These players will register for our coach pitch "Rookie" league, unless outlined below for 8 year-olds.
  • 8 YEAR-OLDS: We allow for some 8 year-olds to "try-up" for Single A league. If you would like your 8 year-old to be evaluated for Single A league, please register your 8 year-old in ROOKIE league, but please select the option stating "8 Year-Old Trying Up to Single A". Your player will be required to participate in our Evaluation process as outlined below. We do not guarantee that any 8 year-olds will be allowed to play in Single A League.
  • ALL 9 through 12 YEAR-OLDS must participate in our baseball evaluation. Evaluations are NOT try-outs; every player will be placed on a team! EJBSL hires professional baseball coaches to conduct our Evaluations; they are not EJBSL board members or volunteers. Evaluation results allow EJBSL to place players in a skill-appropriate league where they will have the most success and fun.
  • EVALUATIONS: Saturday, March 10th from 7AM to 11AM at Seacoast United's new Epping indoor Facility (88 Shirkin Road). Evaluations will be held in 1-hour increments based on age and last name. More details will be forthcoming.
  • 9 & 10 YEAR-OLDS: If you are uncertain which 9 & 10 year-old division to register your player for, please select SINGLE A ($100). Based on your players evaluation results EJBSL will determine which league (Single A or Double A) your child shall be placed in. If your child evaluates into Double A, you will be invoiced for the difference in price (Single A $100 vs. Double A $135)
  • What's the difference between Single A and Double A Leagues? Single A league is an instructional league where players are first introduced to player pitch baseball. Double A league is a more advanced and competitive league than Single A where players are expected to know the fundamentals of baseball.
  • What's the difference between Triple A and Majors Leagues? Triple A league is an intermediate league for players continue to develop their baseball acumen. Triple A is played on the smaller 60 foot base-path diamond. Majors league is a more competitive league and is played on a larger - 70 foot base-path diamond. Majors league introduces leading, delayed steals, pick-offs, and enforces the balk rule.
  • 11 & 12 YEAR-OLDS: If you are uncertain which 11 & 12 year-old division to register your player for, please select TRIPLE A. Based on your players evaluation results EJBSL will determine which league (Triple A or Majors) your child shall be placed in. Both of these leagues are priced equally at $135.

BABE RUTH LEAGUE (ages 13 through 18)

Exeter Babe Ruth League is composed of several local Babe Ruth leagues, all of whom charter through Exeter's Babe Ruth League, run by our BR Director, Shawn Roussin. Players can register from participating towns which include Stratham, Newmarket, Epping, Hampton, Sanborn, Northwood, Newton, Fremont, Kensington, East Kingston, Brentwood, and Newfields. Exeter teams play home games at Exeter High School and Cooperative Middle School and away games are played at diamonds in many of these towns.

  • 13 / 14 Division: An introduction to the 90 foot, full-sized diamond.
  • 15 / 16 Division: A more advanced league for 15 and 16 year-olds
  • Senior Babe Ruth (16-18 year-olds): Exeter's Senior Babe Ruth team plays in the Seacoast Babe Ruth League, hosted by Portsmouth.
  • Note: We allow 16 year-olds to double roster in the 15 / 16 division and Senior Babe Ruth. We provide discounted rates for those who wish to participate in both leagues (go to the main menu and click on "EBRL Policies, then "Special 16 Dual Registration" for details. You may contact Shawn Roussin ( for more information, or click on "About Babe Ruth" in the main menu for additional details.

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