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Playoff Seeding

(policy developed and instituted prior to the 2018 season)

In 2017, due to having 9 teams in the 13/14yo Division, and only having 5 days to complete the playoffs because of when Independence Day fell, the 9th seed was not able to be included. We want to be sure that all teams have the opportunity to compete in a playoff game.

  • All playoff games are single elimination.
  • If there are an odd number of teams, such as there was in 2017, moving forward, the bottom two teams in the standings will compete in a Play-in game to be scheduled on the Saturday before play-off week begins (rain date of Sunday). The winner of that game becomes the new bottom seed and the playoffs continue with an even number of teams.
  • If a home team is not able to secure their home field for a particular date, the Director will secure an alternative field for the game (the higher seed maintains their home status).
  • Seeding is based on winning percentage.
  • If there is a tie between two teams, seeding is determined by head to head record. If those two teams met twice during the regular season and they were 1-1 against each other, the team with the lower runs against, or runs allowed (for the entire season) will get the higher seeding.
  • The website has been set up to use these tie-breaker parameters.
  • The Director will determine, based on time constraints, number of teams in each Division, and field availability, how the bracket will be set up. The possibility of higher seeds receiving a bye remains an option.

2018 Playoff Format:

10 Teams (13-15yo Division)

2 Play-in games on Saturday, June 30th. Game 1 (noon) will have seen #7 hosting seed #10. Game 2 (3pm) will have seed #8 hosting seed #9.

Remaining 8 teams play in a single elimination bracket

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