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Roster / Line-up Policy

Roster / Line-up Policy

(policy developed and instituted prior to the 2018 season)

  • This policy was born out of trying to create some fairness between teams when there is a significant roster size discrepancy for any given game, but also gives the two head coaches of opposing teams some flexibility on a game by game basis.
  • Coaches can agree just prior to the game to bat their full complement of players that are in attendance, or agree to a 12-player max for the team that has the greater number of players present (see Option 1 below) , thereby requiring that team to follow a substitution policy for their additional players (not in the starting line-up), whereby each of these non-starting players must enter the game as a line-up substitution and get at least one at-bat in that game as well as play two defensive innings in the field. After that player has met these two requirements, they may be removed from the line-up and replaced with another player from the bench, and removed from the field defensively if desired. Once removed from the line-up, they can not be placed back into the line-up again later in the game.
  • In an instance whereby BOTH teams have >12 players, the two coaches can agree to either bat their entire complement of attending players (option 2 below), OR cap their line-ups at 12 players per team, thus kicking in the aforementioned substitution policy for both teams (option 3 below). All non-starting line-up players must get one at bat and play two defensive innings in the field.
  •  Any team, no matter how many players that are in attendance or used in the starting line-up,  that does NOT get all uniformed players attending a game into that game for at least one at-bat and 2 defensive innings in the field, is subject to potential forfeit.
  • This forfeiture result only applies to full regulation games of at least 6 and one-half innings.
  • The EBRL Director and Competition Committee reserves the right to alter, waive, or amend this policy on a game by game basis.

Option 1: If one team has <12 players, and the other team has >12 players, coaches can agree to allow the team with >12 players to bat a 12-player line-up and follow the substitution rules for their remaining players.

Option 2: Both teams bat every player that shows up (no offensive line-up substitutions necessary).

Option 3: Both teams agree to bat 12 players even if >12 players are in attendance and uniformed. The substitution policy and rules apply.

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