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Special 16 Dual Registration

(policy developed and instituted prior to the 2018 season)

Any 16yo player may choose to register for two teams, one being a 15/16yo Division team within our Exeter Babe Ruth League, as well as the Senior League team comprised of 16-18yo players, but which is entered into the Seacoast Babe Ruth League.  This player will have to register separately for each League and pay the registration fee for both Leagues which will be determined annually based on equipment, uniform, insurance, and umpire costs.  The regular season game schedules of these two Leagues overlap for approximately 3 weeks.  This Special 16 player MUST give priority to the 15/16yo Division team if games from both leagues are scheduled for the same night unless approved by the EBRL Director in advance.  Additionally, they MUST always give priority to games over practices.

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