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Troy Gilbert Sportsmanship Award

Youth baseball serves as an ideal instrument for educating children regarding the importance of sportsmanship.

The ideals of fair play, courtesy to others, a competitive spirit, and grace in both victory and defeat are what the Exeter Junior Baseball League strives to instill in each player.

As President of EJBSL, and as coach to dozens of players during his many years of involvement in EJBSL, Troy Gilbert has been a shining example to parents, players and fellow coaches with respect to the importance of sportsmanship both on and off the baseball diamond. His contributions to the league have been many, but none more so than serving as a constant reminder to all of us regarding the ideal manner to conduct oneself, whether it be during the heat of a close game, or the post game congratulatory handshake.

EJBSL wishes to thank Troy for his many years of dedication to the league, and will add his name to the Sportsmanship Awards given each year to the player on each EJBSL team who most displays the traits befitting a true sportsman.

Sportsmanship Checklist:

  • Team Leader - demonstrates consistent support of fellow teammates no matter what the score
  • Self-control - maintains control of emotions in challenging situations
  • Courage - having the determination to do the right thing even when others do nott
  • Persistence - continues to strive for self-improvement
  • Graceful Winner/Loser - shows compassion and humility in winning and losing
  • Shows Respect - towards the coaches, teammates, opponents and the umpire

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