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2023 11 year old 50/70 State Champions - CT BOUND!

Post Season all-star team selection

The time has come to begin our All Star selection process which we anticipate will wrap up by 5/17.  This is super exciting for the kids but can also be disappointing or confusing.


As coaches we nominate players for the All-Star team. We then go through a voting process as outlined in our local playing rules which can be found at > Resources.


We have encouraged our head coaches to reach out to all families of those they anticipate nominating for a post season all star team.  Being contacted about nomination does not mean your player has made the team, but rather to allow a discussion that you are willing to make the commitment should your player get selected.  We ask that nomination discussions remain between the coaches and the parent/guardians to limit confusion amongst players.


If a nominated player is selected to a team, the regular season coach and the All-Star coach (if known) will reach out by 5/21 to let you know if your player has been selected to the team. The regular season team players should be notified by 5/22 or the first game after this date. There is an all-star fee for $100 that covers tournaments, jerseys, etc.


The commitment should be considered to be from about June 10 - July 18th and if the team keeps winning, this can extend into late July.  This is great and a pain.  If this happens, you will curse and be thrilled with the "wrecked" summer.


The possible Cal Ripken tournament dates that we know of are on the league calendar, also at Teams will also usually play in 1-2 other tournaments. One is planned over Fathers Day weekend. These are up to the all-star coaches and they will communicate any extended tournament play.


We are communicating all this because there is almost no opportunity to alter the roster once game play begins so if an extended commitment isn't possible, please let the coach know.


For any prior all-star athletes and families, if your athlete made the all-star team last season, you are reminded that past play on the team is NOT a guarantee of a spot on the team in 2024.  Most teams see some turnover from year to year.


Patrick Flaherty